Alex Guadagnoli

Musician | Composer | Media Designer

Commercial music (car commercial)

Naked Vegas (TV Show - SyFy) Music Theme

The Pasta Opera - Barilla

TV shows

Naked Vegas, Fat and Furious and Keeping up with the Kardashians are some of the TV shows and commercials airing on national networks featuring music composed and produced by Alex.

Discography and productions.

Since 1993, Alex performed, produced, mastered and contributed to charted albums and singles for a multitude of bands and artists.

Multimedia and content production.

It’s all about images and sounds, Alex currently produces multimedia content for some of the most innovative, award-winning audio/MI companies in today’s market.

Alex Guadagnoli - BIAS Amp 2 Mobile

Pro Series Compressors (promo video)


With music featured in many TV shows aired on national networks and a multitude of charted albums, composer Alex Guadagnoli is currently working from his studio in Hollywood CA, fusing sounds and visuals, concepts and stories.